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Shungite Smooth Loose Chips Beads 7-8mm - 34" Strand
Shungite Smooth Loose Chips Beads 7-8mm - 34" Strand


Shungite Smooth Loose Chips Beads 7-8mm - 34" Strand

The spiritual meaning of Shungite is that of a ‘Neutralizer’. Equally balancing the left and right sides of your body, or Ying and Yang. Thus, it’s the stone for those who wish to feel more balance in their masculine and feminine energies, in case one is overcompensating for the other. Shungite is able to help you focus on your desires. All while making sure you remain grounded enough to follow through on your actions. It’s those, after all, that will pave the way to your success! And this stone will also help you understand and find practical solutions to why certain desires you have had, haven’t been able to come about.

SHAPE: Smooth Chips

HOLE SIZE: Approximately 1.0mm 


BEAD SIZE (May have a +/- 0.5mm difference): 7-8mm - Approximately 230 Chips Per Strand


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